Alcohol in the news

2 July 2013 – Alcohol in the news

What drives mums to drink
29 June 2013
The kids are finally asleep. Or you’re cooking dinner after a stressful day at work, listening to your darlings fighting over whose turn it is on the computer or which TV show to watch. No matter, a glass of wine is at the ready. This is downtime, decompression time, kick-back time.

No longer barracking for booze
The Age
29 June 2013
My dad played footy in the good old days – back when AFL was VFL and pre-match meals consisted of steak and eggs. He reckons they used to do 100 repetitions of 100-metre sprints. It would be hot as hell but they weren’t allowed to drink water. That would make you soft.

Demand for action over alcohol and violence
The Sydney Morning Herald
30 June 2013
Seventy-six per cent of people believe Australia’s problem with alcohol-related violence will worsen over the next five years, according to a survey by public health groups.

Govt paper raises questions about youth and alcohol
Illawarra Mercury
30 June 2013
Should adults be able to give kids alcohol, even if the children aren’t their own?

Push by health advocates to ban alcohol advertising online to protect children
Perth Now
30 June 2013
Health advocates want the Federal Government to ban the advertising of alcohol and other harmful products on websites that attract children.

Alcohol restrictions planned for Coober Pedy
28 June 2013
Hefty restrictions on alcohol are being flagged for Coober Pedy in South Australia’s north following a rise in alcohol-related violence. The local council say it’s become a party town, attracting outsiders who’ve come in search of a drink.