Alcohol in the news

9 July 2013 – Alcohol in the news

Drunk tanks open in Sydney in alcohol-related violence crackdown
6 July 2013
The first so-called drunk tanks have opened in Sydney as part of the New South Wales Government’s crackdown on alcohol-related violence.

Byron laments another weekend of alcohol-induced crime
The Northern Star
9 July 2013
Police have spent another weekend dealing with the fallout from alcohol-related crime in Byron Bay, issuing 21 move-on orders and seven criminal infringement notices plus alcohol-fuelled assaults.

Call to protect offenders with grog, drug problems
4 July 2013
The Aboriginal Peak Organisations of the Northern Territory is urging the Government to consider reintroducing diversionary options for magistrates sentencing people with drug and alcohol problems.

Alcohol – it’s enough to drive a man to drink
6 July 2013
I’m trying to survive Dry July, a fund-raising stunt in which one stops drinking for a month in order to help charity. To help myself stay sober, I’ve been listing all the problems with being a drinker.

Australian businesses lose $6 billion in productivity to workplace drug and alcohol issues, report warns
Smart Company
8 July 2013
Australian businesses are being urged to act now to counter the effects of drugs and alcohol in the workplace, with experts saying businesses are losing more than $6 billion annually in lost productivity and absenteeism.

Sobering-up cells just a PR exercise
WA Today
8 July 2013
The introduction of sobering-up cells is merely window dressing for the problem of alcohol-fuelled violence, which is deeply embedded in the culture of Sydney’s nightlife.

Some men have solved a problem that women never knew they had…
9 July 2013
Don’t you just hate it when you buy a bra to boost your cup-size, only to get home and discover that it doesn’t have a secret compartment where you can hide your booze? I mean geez, way to listen to consumer demand you guys.