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It’s never too early to discuss alcohol with your child

We know that children learn about alcohol from an early age. Studies have shown that children learn about different types of alcohol and what will happen if they drink through the media both direct and indirect. However, their attitude to alcohol and how they will behave with alcohol is greatly influenced by their parents.

Parents are not the only influencers in a child’s life, other siblings and to some extent their peers will influence their knowledge, but it’s parents who help determine their choice of friends and how their siblings will relate to alcohol that will assist their child in forming attitudes to it. It’s also their own use of alcohol and how they use it, discuss it and respond to it that is also vital in determining a child’s attitude.

Today we launch our parent’s site encouraging parents to discuss alcohol and other drugs openly with their children. The Other Talk highlights the important role parents play in shaping their childrens attitudes and knowledge to alcohol.

It’s important that parents learn the facts about alcohol, discuss their own attitude to alcohol, and ensure their children delay their drinking. With this approach we can ensure that our children will have a sensible approach to alcohol and reduce the need for binge drinking and other long-term abuse.

We know from working with parent groups that they want one place where parents can go to get the information they need about alcohol and other drugs.

Take a tour of and if you have any comments and suggestions, we would be interested to hear them. If you know of any other websites that can assist parents please send them to us as we can link to them from our site.