Alcohol in the news

18 Jun 2013 – Alcohol in the news

The ‘other’ talk
17 Jun 2013
The Australian Drug Foundation has launched a new campaign which aims to help parents initiate the other talk with their children, about drugs and alcohol.

Getting drunk without drinking
The Age
18 Jun 2013
A trend overseas is seeing people ‘smoking’ alcohol to get high with fewer calories. But experts warn it’s more dangerous than downing a glass or two.

How sport has sold its soul and players to the alcohol industry
18 Jun 2013
The unholy alliance of the alcohol and sporting industries is doing serious harm to the community, warns Mike Daube, Professor of Health Policy at Curtin University

Science backs raising of drinking age
18 Jun 2013
A national forum on teen binge drinking will be told Australian teenagers are twice as likely to abuse alcohol as adolescents in the United States, where the legal drinking age is 21.

Parents can change WA’s dangerous youth drinking culture
Sydney Morning Herald
17 Jun 2013
More than ever before, WA’s young people are drinking to get drunk and starting at an earlier age – but talking to your child about alcohol can make a difference.

Geoff Munro talks The Other Talk
17 Jun 2013
Steve Price talks to Geoff Munro from the Australian Drug Foundation about talking to your Children about Drugs.

Liquor and Gambling Commissioner considering move to stem alcohol-related harm
Adelaide Now
17 Jun 2013
The Liquor and Gambling Commissioner is considering changing licensing conditions in Ceduna and Coober Pedy to tackle alcohol-related harm in the regional centres.

Critics say NT alcoholic plan doesn’t go far enough
17 Jun 2013
Sara Everingham speaks with GP Dr John Boffa, from the organisation People’s Alcohol Action Coalition, about the Northern Territory Government’s new plan to tackle alcohol abuse.