Australian Night Time Economy

New report: Australian night time economy

The National Local Government Drug and Alcohol Advisory Committee has released a new report,  Australian Night Time Economy: a first analysis.

At the national level, highlights of the report show that the Australian night time economy:

  • employs 1 million Australians
  • is valued at $92 billion
  • has been a faster-growing sub economy compared to the broader Australian economy in the period 2009 to 2011.

This report focuses on economic outcomes rather than exploring harms or behaviours related to the misuse of alcohol. It notes the public health interest in public costs, improved community services and healthy communities, but suggests that public health advocates ignore the economic opportunities that night time economies can bring.

The evidence base around harms and impacts within the night time economy is captured in a 2012 NDLERF paper by Peter Miller entitled, Dealing with alcohol-related harm and the night-time economy.

The opportunities for local government to address alcohol-related harms was also covered recently in the Australian Drug Foundation publication, Under the influence: what local governments can do to reduce drug and alcohol related harms by Peter Streker.