Alcohol in the news

28 May 2013 – Today’s alcohol news roundup

Smoking, drinking bigger risk to women
28 May 2013
Data taken from a Europe-wide survey of some 380,000 people aged 40 and older, revealed that women faced a disproportional risk from the already well-known ill effects of heavy alcohol and tobacco use.

Heavy hand of grog plan
The Australian
28 May 2013
Alcohol policy, is fast becoming a big headache for the Country Liberal government as it fights to contain internal divisions and public controversy over its plans to tackle alcohol abuse.

Tollner’s comments at AHA dinner labelled ‘extremist’
ABC Tropical North
23 May 2013
The Northern Territory Minister responsible for Liquor Licensing has come under fire for comments he made at an Australian Hotels Association dinner.

Regulator seeks to put big alcohol promos in ‘high risk’ basket
Sydney Morning Herald
26 May 2013
Discounts at bottle shops of more than 50 per cent off wine, beer and liquor will be classified as high-risk promotions likely to cause alcohol-related harm under tough draft guidelines by the liquor regulator.

‘Alcopop’ tax fails to deter teen binge drinking, raises $4.5 billion in revenue
The Herald Sun
27 May 2013
A federally-funded study reveals the tax has not dinted the number of teenagers and young people with alcohol-related injuries.

Happy hour: The science of non-alcoholic beer
26 May 2013
An interesting read from Gizmodo that delves into the facts and history of non-alcoholic beer.