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New survey: Australia’s drinking habits revealed

The Foundation for Alcohol Research & Education (FARE) has released their Annual Alcohol Poll 2013. This survey aims to capture the drinking habits and attitudes of Australians each year, and also includes information about voting preference and alcohol’s role in social media. Some key points from this year’s survey:

  • Three quarters of Australians believe Australia has a problem with excess drinking or alcohol misuse/abuse and that more needs to be done to address alcohol-related harms
  • Most drinkers (73%) restrict themselves to drinking two days a week or less, and 26% drink alcohol three or more days a week
  • Around half of drinkers (47%) consume one or two standard drinks per typical occasion, and 50% drink three or more
  • 40% of respondents indicated they drink to get drunk, up from 35% in 2011 and 36% in 2012
  • Over half of drinkers (57%) said they pre-loaded with alcohol before going out to a club or bar – usually to save money
  • 79% of parents drink alcohol in front of their children, and 13% of Australians said they had knowingly provided alcohol to a person under 18 years.

Full report: Annual alcohol poll: attitudes and behaviours