The illusive standard drink?

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of how much alcohol you are actually drinking. People talk about sticking to a certain number of standard drinks but what does that actually mean?

One Australian standard drink contains 10 grams of alcohol or 12.5ml of pure alcohol. Unfortunately not all of us can be counted on to remember volumetrics.

To make it a little easier, the ADF online shop has developed an infographic poster and postcard to illustrate exactly what equates to one standard drink so you can have a clearer picture of what you are drinking.

Suitable for a work noticeboard, waiting room, staffroom, health or treatment centre, these posters and postcards illustrate standard drinks so you, your staff, students or patients can make a more informed choice.

Communicating the National Health and Medical Research Council’s alcohol guidelines, the full series of posters and postcards illustrates standard drinks, low risk drinking, pregnancy and alcohol, and young people and alcohol.

You can purchase these resources from the ADF Online Shop.

For more information on standard drinks, download our DrugInfo Standard Drinks Fact Sheet.