A roundup of today's alcohol-related news - 18 Feb

Our roundup of today’s alcohol-related news

Australia can learn from UK’s drinking problem
18 Feb 2013
Pioneering UK alcohol policy reformer, Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, is in Australia to give a series of talks on alcohol reform. ABC’s Rebecca Brice interviews him this morning ahead of addressing an audience in Canberra.

Alcohol ban at school sports
The West Australian
18 Feb 2013
Perth’s elite private boys’ schools have banned spectators from drinking alcohol during interschool sport fixtures or risk the match being forfeited.

Impact of alcohol and junk food advertising in sports assessed on children
Science Network WA
16 Feb 2013
A UWA study published by Public Health Nutrition has found that alcohol and fast-food advertising in sports sponsorship may have an impact on children as young as five years old.

Report reveals personal toll on firefighters
The Age
18 Feb 2013
A report by the University of Newcastle’s Centre of Full Employment and Equity revelas the hidden toll of psychological trauma among Victorian firefighters may be leading to suicide, alcohol abuse and depression.

Tablet cuts effects of alcohol
The West Australian
18 Feb 2013
Researchers claim to have created a potential “booze pill” that could lower blood alcohol content and reduce liver damage caused by heavy drinking.