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From the ABS – gender trends in alcohol consumption

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) publishes a series called Gender indicators, Australia which draws statistics from a range of sources. This January 2013 release includes data showing the rate of risky drinking levels for Australian men and women, using the 2009 National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Australian guidelines to reduce risks from drinking alcohol as a measure.

For 2011-2012, the gender comparison for Australians drinking alcohol at risky levels was:

  • 28.9 per cent  of males
  • 10.1 per cent of females

This means that almost three times as many men than women aged 18 years and over were drinking alcohol in quantities that posed a health risk over their lifetime.

The commentary also notes a significant increase in alcohol consumption for 55-64 year old men and women.

Full report:  Australian Bureau of Statistics 2013 4125.0 – Gender indicators, Australia, Jan 2013 – Consumption of alcohol (accessed 1 Feb 2013)