GrogWatch News Roundup - 26 Feb 2013

A snapshot of this week’s alcohol-related news

Alcohol marketing to young people, alcohol related violence and binge drinking have featured heavily in the news this week. Take a look at our pick of interviews, news reports and articles below:

A year off the grog
Big Ideas, ABC Radio National
25 Feb 2013
Jill Stark chats to Paul Barclay about her new book ‘High Sobriety’ and the power of the alcohol industry.

Judge calls for action on alcohol violence epidemic
ABC Online
25 Feb 2013
New South Wales’s most senior magistrate has warned that alcohol-fuelled violence has reached “epidemic proportions” and the community is “fed up” with the perpetrators.

A brief history of alcohol consumption in Australia
The Conversation
25 Feb 2013
Although most Australians would probably say we’ve always been a heavy-drinking nation, the consumption of alcohol has followed a roller coaster curve since European invasion.

Alcohol – Where are we now?
ABC Radio National
25 Feb 2013
Professor Mike Daube, Chair of the National Alliance for Action on Alcohol and Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, Chair of the UK Alcohol Health Alliance, speak with Natasha Mitchell about the culture of binge drinking and the attempts to reduce alcohol marketing to young people.