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Monthly Archives: February 2013


Making the Link - ADF Online shop

Alcohol affects teenagers differently from the way it affects adults especially when it comes to brain development. As a teenager, your brain keeps developing until about 25 years old. Because…

New workplace alcohol and drug E-learning


Do you work for an organisation that has an existing alcohol and drug policy and training program? Today the Australian Drug Foundation launched a new alcohol and drug E-learning program….

Caught in the sportlight

GrogWatch - Top Story - 26 Feb 2013

Everyone’s been talking about drugs in sport. There has been a huge amount of coverage (much of it a bit confused) in the media lately about the use of performance…

A snapshot of this week’s alcohol-related news

GrogWatch News Roundup - 26 Feb 2013

Alcohol marketing to young people, alcohol related violence and binge drinking have featured heavily in the news this week. Take a look at our pick of interviews, news reports and…

ABC Four Corners: Punch Drunk

Punch Drunk - ABC Four Corners

Tonight, ABC Four Corners investigates alcohol-related crime and violence. Reporter Janine Cohen examines reports of alcohol-related violence becoming more extreme and questions how the government can reduce the amount of…

App review: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

ADIN app review - FASD app

This US app claims to provide the latest information on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. It certainly does that, almost as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC)…

Close to home – councils making a difference

GrogWatch - Close to home

This week GrogWatch wants to congratulate and celebrate the local governments that are taking action to reduce alcohol related harm. Councils have limited space to act in this area, but…

Our roundup of today’s alcohol-related news

A roundup of today's alcohol-related news - 18 Feb

Australia can learn from UK’s drinking problem ABC AM 18 Feb 2013 Pioneering UK alcohol policy reformer, Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, is in Australia to give a series of talks…

Jim Beam branded clothing for kids

Jim Beam branded clothing for kids

It was reported this week that Jim Beam branded clothing is being sold to children as young as four. A kids Dick Johnson Racing range includes one jumper with a…

The illusive standard drink?


Sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of how much alcohol you are actually drinking. People talk about sticking to a certain number of standard drinks but what does…