Victoria's new alcohol and drug strategy

Victoria’s new alcohol and drug strategy

Last week Victoria released its strategy Reducing the alcohol and drug toll: Victoria’s plan 2013-2017. This strategy outlines a whole-of-government approach to preventing and reducing harms associated with alcohol and drugs in the state of Victoria.

Specific strategies for alcohol are provided around five broad headings, with examples for each below:

  • reducing alcohol-related violence, antisocial behaviour and drink-driving
  • increase penalties for drunken behaviour
  • ban individuals found guilty of any criminal assault committed under the influence of alcohol from being in any licensed premises where alcohol can be consumed for a minimum of two years
  • effective liquor regulation
  • increase incentives for licensees to comply with the law by introducing a five star rating system and a demerits points system
  • give local governments more data and support to have an effective say in liquor licensing and alcohol-related planning decisions
  • changing the drinking culture
  • establish a long-term cultural change program
  • encourage healthy approaches to alcohol in sporting clubs
  • better health promotion in education
  • implement new drug and alcohol curriculum for years seven, eight and nine
  • strengthen community education for parents in relation to adolescent alcohol use
  • better, earlier healthcare for alcohol problems
  • implement an alcohol and drug hospital liaison and community diversion program to support clinicians dealing with alcohol and drug related admissions and emergency department presentations
  • support workplaces to provide prevention and appropriate interventions
  • The report has been released as a summary document as well as a full strategy.

Summary document:
Victoria. Dept of Health 2012 Reducing the alcohol and drug toll: Victoria’s plan 2013-2017: Summary, Melbourne: Dept of Health [PDF: 135KB]

Full strategy:
Victoria. Dept of Health 2012 Reducing the alcohol and drug toll: Victoria’s plan 2013-2017, Melbourne: Dept of Health [PDF: 692KB]