GrogWatch - Alcohol a key factor in suicide within NT

Alcohol a key factor in suicide within the Northern Territory

A new study into contributing factors for suicide among both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in the Northern Territory (NT) has revealed alcohol to be a very influential one. The study examined themes in 411 NT coroners’ reports over a ten year period. Key points include

  • Alcohol was present in the blood or alcohol abuse was mentioned in 64% (n=261) of all suicide reports:
    - 72% of Indigenous cases
    - 55% of non-Indigenous case
  • Of these, BAC was over 0.05% for 61% of Indigenous and 33% of non-Indigenous cases
  • Alcohol was a more influential factor compared to others such as conflict and relationship breakdown or mental health issues
  • The study aligns with previous research in showing that alcohol abuse has a substantial impact on suicide rates, particularly for Indigenous people.

Full study: Kuipers P, Appleton J & Pridmore S 2012 “Thematic analysis of key factors associated with Indigenous and non-Indigenous suicide in the Northern Territory, Australia”, Rural and Remote Health 12: 2235.