Alcohol advertisers report card: Jun - Aug 2012

Alcohol advertisers’ report card for June to August

The Alcohol Advertising Review Board (AARB) has released its regular quarterly report for June to August 2012. AARB’s role is to review and regulate alcohol advertising in Australia. Some points from the report include:

  • AARB’s Chair noted the greater than expected number of complaints received, especially relating to online advertising and children’s exposure to this
  • Concern was raised about the association between alcohol and motor sports, especially given the issue of drink driving
  • Jim Beam was singled out as being particularly irresponsible in its promotion activities, with 15 of the first 100 complaints received by AARB relating to Jim Beam
  • Between June and August, AARB received 42 complaints relating to 41 advertisements. Of these 42 complaints:
    • 32 were reviewed by AARB
    • 27 were upheld
    • 3 were upheld in part
    • Only 2 were dismissed

Alcohol Advertising Review Board 2012 Quarterly report June – August 2012, [s.l.]: AARB [PDF: 554KB]