Time For Action

Remebering a Pioneer

Hello, I read in the SMH that George Paciullo, a former member of the NSW parliament has died. It is worth noting that he brought in random breath tests in 1982 to combat drink driving. It is also worth noting that there was extreme opposition to it at the time from the liquor industry. It is interesting that later, after leaving parliament he was the chairman of the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation but apparently continued to advocate moderate and safe alcohol consumption.

Apart from more responsibility from the majority of drivers nothing has changed. We still face massive lobbying from the liquor industry for drinking reforms. Industry plays lip service to responsible drinking but acts otherwise. I am a member of a wine club and recently elected to receive the monthly catalogue by email. I was then bombarded up to twice a day with emailed offers of wine. I complained and said take me off the daily list or put me back on hard copy. They did, but their response was “we have so many good deals that we want you to know about” There is a limit on the amount of wine that I can buy and drink and the reality of business is that they want me to buy it from them, but enough is enough.

Cheers, Michael Stevens.