Reflections on Youth

Reflections on Youth

Dear GrogWatch,

Having not been a young male for some years, I am reflecting back upon what it was like. The world at your feet, friends that mean everything, a new romance and a night that presents so many possibilities. Sure you may have a good story, but you never know where a bad decision may lead and it can affect others as well as yourself.

So what to do?  The state government (I think) have had the friends as heroes ad campaign, which looks at these notions of looking after your mates and I think this holds some promise. But perhaps a more TAC style ad campaign is needed, like that movie “Sliding Doors”, the ad could run along how one small decision can have enormous ramifications. The tag line of “One bad decision can mean one life lost” or something equally as moving could see it work. The problem is overcoming that male bravado, not an easy task.

Best regards,