Alcohol Policy in Europe

This e-book presents evidence on a range of topics all touching the issue of alcohol consumption in Europe.
European Union (EU) citizens drink double the amount of alcohol than the world’s average, and harms range from alcohol-attributable deaths to broader social costs.

The book uses research gathered from the AMPHORA project, which aims to not just gather and analyse evidence from a public health perspective, but also to have an impact on policy. Topics covered in this publication include:

  • the impact of alcohol on European societies
  • popular norms, alcohol policy and drinking behaviour
  • balance of power in alcohol policy
  • alcohol advertising and its impact on adolescents’ binge drinking
  • unrecorded alcohol
  • science, alcohol, health and policy in the EU.

Anderson P, Braddick F, Reynolds J & Gual A eds 2012 Alcohol policy in Europe: Evidence from AMPHORA, The AMPHORA project.