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Thank goodness someone in our community cares enough

Bar-crowd scene

Many GrogWatch readers will have seen the proposal over the weekend by the Salvation Army to drive drunks home from Melbourne’s city district for free. The Salvos have proposed that their Youth Street Teams, who roam the CBD in the early hours every weekend offering water, lollipops and rubber thongs to revellers, could be called on a new 24-hour crisis number, 1800COMMUNITY. As long as the drunken people are not violent, volunteers will drive drunks home instead of police having to…

Resource: alcohol, other drugs and pregnancy booklet

FASD postcards for GW

Off the back of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day, our featured resource from the ADF online shop this week is the Alcohol, other drugs and pregnancy booklet. Pregnancy is a…

Alcohol in the news

Alcohol in the news

Alcohol sneaking parents under fire The West Australian 16 September 2014 WA health experts are alarmed by research suggesting parents actively help school leavers to smuggle alcohol, even resorting to…

Brain injury and alcohol


Recently GrogWatch received this correspondence from Nick Rushworth, Executive Officer, Brain Injury Australia. Acquired brain injury can be caused by stroke, by trauma, by infection, by neurological diseases like Parkinson’s or Huntington’s. And…

Men among most likely to have chronic alcohol-related diseases

Spirit bottles

Men and the middle-aged are among those most likely to suffer from chronic alcohol-related diseases, a report has revealed. The study by Turning Point and VicHealth found seven out of…

Is booze-free becoming the new black?

No alcohol web

Recent news reports over the last month or so has got GrogWatch thinking… Is booze-free about to become the next big thing in Australia as businesses realise there may be…

Website review: Centre for Alcohol Policy Research (CAPR)

CAPR website

This is an excellent site for Australian health and legal professionals responsible for influencing safer drinking practices.

Parents giving teenagers alcohol could start a slippery slope


Teenagers who get booze from their parents are three times more likely to be drinking full serves by the age of 16, researchers have found. A study by the National…

No Duff-ence: beer found to breach code by appealing to kids

duff beer

Earlier this year GrogWatch told you about the Victorian Alcohol Policy Coalition (APC) concerns about Woolworths selling Duff Beer in their Dan Murphy stores. Health experts were concerned that the…

Bidgee Binge campaign

bidgee binge

Leeton Shire Council (with funding provided by the National Binge Drinking Strategy) created a awareness raising campaign- called the Bidgee Binge program. It was created to reduce binge drinking among young people…